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Victory celebrations, grueling practices, countless bus trips, team-building meals — Carnegie Mellon University Athletics give student-athletes much more than four seasons of memories.

They inspire treasured bonds that expand beyond their final season and impart lifelong lessons of teamwork, responsibility, commitment and leadership.

CMU student-athletes hone their bodies and minds to excel both on and off the field, court, pool, course or track as they balance innovative coursework with extensive travel schedules and preparations for tough match ups.

Tartans collaborate. Tartans compete. Tartans challenge. You can help Tartans change the world and pursue what’s possible.

You can fuel CMU student-athletes’ competitive, collaborative spirit through:

Endowed Funds: Create new opportunities for student-athletes for generations by investing in programs that will advance leadership and learning and bring the best coaching talent to CMU.

Academic Scholarship Opportunities: Bridge the financial gap for student-athletes by investing in their education through academic scholarships.

Annual Giving Opportunities: Empower student-athletes with the resources to excel in their sport of choice by supporting off-season trips and the latest equipment.

Tartan Fund: Support CMU athletics with a gift that maintains the momentum of their programs and enriches student-athletes’ experiences on and off the field.

CMU Department of Athletics has a transformative impact through diverse programs that inspire leadership, teamwork, wellness and resilience. You can support students, faculty and staff with opportunities to develop the intellect, ethics and character needed to lead meaningful lives.

CMU football player with ball makes his way down the field

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