Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Methods that Benefit Learners of All Ages

A collaboration of psychology and computer science, learning science was invented at Carnegie Mellon University. Software developed here has been repeatedly shown to make learning in many fields both faster and more robust — opening exciting new possibilities for educational achievement up to every learner. This approach is inspiring a wave of experiment and innovation in CMU classrooms.

“Twice as much learning in half the time.” That is the standard set by CMU learning software that has been deployed in courses ranging from statistics and computer science to writing or introductory Mandarin.

Supported by the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Innovation, CMU faculty at every college are implementing science-based innovation and experimentation for their students, collaborating and sharing their findings across campus to inspire and support their colleagues. CMU’s METALS graduate program is preparing future scientists to apply data-driven improvements in many more settings, both at CMU and in schools everywhere.


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