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At Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, we don’t just practice computer science — we defined it. We did the same with artificial intelligence. Since our founding, we’ve focused on making things that go into the world and change it for the better. We’re dedicated to continuing that work and ensuring that students from all backgrounds can study computer science.

We embrace a broad, highly collaborative view of computer science, and our ranking as one of the top computer science programs in the country reflects how successful that mindset is. We’ve pioneered technologies in fields that range from computer speech and vision to search engines and human-computer interaction.

Overall, we hold true to our roots: we offer educational programs that train the next generation of innovators to solve real-world problems and improve the way people live and work. Our faculty members and research initiatives do the same. With your support, we can ensure that this tradition continues well into the future.

A Message from the Dean

Martial Hebert

Carnegie Mellon has led the world in computer science for more than six decades, and we’ve always taken the responsibility of this position seriously. We do important work that benefits humanity — we always have and we always will. We perform foundational research and develop revolutionary techniques. We work with our peers across campus to create new fields of intellectual inquiry. We thoughtfully explore the ethics of computation.

But we also prize education and the talent that we send into the world. We train future leaders, the people whose talent, interdisciplinary skills and collaborations will propel us through the 21st century and improve peoples’ lives. Few jobs could be more important.

When you give to SCS, you support our outstanding research and education efforts. Your gift allows us to attract and retain the brightest and most diverse faculty and students, and ensure they have the resources they need to walk into the future, prepared to change it for the better.

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What will you and the School of Computer Science

Leading the world in computer science research.

Leading the world in computer science research.

SCS will define the future of computer science, AI research and invention by drawing on its history of innovation and investing in students and faculty members who are the best in their field. Your support will accelerate SCS’s research and intellectual leadership.

Help us make it possible
Producing society’s expert computer scientists.

Producing society’s expert computer scientists.

The School of Computer Science will meet the growing need for computer scientists in the world by expanding access to a life-changing education and creating a more inclusive pathway for young technology leaders. Your support will define the future of the field.

Help us make it possible
Growing the global pipeline of computer science talent.

Growing the global pipeline of computer science talent.

The future of humanity requires outstanding computer scientists prepared to transform how we live, work and play. Your support will build programs that engage communities underrepresented in the field, and prepare a much larger, diverse group of computer scientists for the future.

Help us make it possible

Help us make it possible

Leading the world in computer science research

  • Endowed Chairs
    Provide faculty with funding that inspires their teaching, fuels their research and assists us in recruiting great educators and researchers to the School of Computer Science.
  • Fellowships
    Secure an education for graduate students regardless of financial circumstances to prepare the next generation of computer science leaders.
  • Research Support
    Support critical funding to accelerate promising areas of research by faculty and students.
  • Dean’s Innovation Funds
    Help the School of Computer Science to envision, develop and implement innovations for an increasingly technology-driven world.
  • Research Facilities
    Accelerate discovery across our departments and disciplines by creating research spaces that help innovation flourish.

Producing society’s expert computer scientists

  • Teaching Professorships
    Empower faculty with funding that advances their teaching and advising and assist us with recruiting and retaining the brightest minds.
  • Education Facilities
    Fuel students’ educational journey as leaders, scholars and computer scientists with spaces that support and elevate teaching and learning in computing.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships
    Recognize talented undergraduates with scholarships that free them to immerse themselves in their education, their passion and their work.

Growing the global pipeline of computer science talent

  • K-12 Outreach Funds
    Attract and retain more students to computing, information technology and robotics through outreach initiatives that provide educational programs for teachers and students from primary through high school.

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