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With the explosion of new sources of data and new ways for scientific information to be accessed, curated and shared, libraries have emerged as a hub for collaborative, technology-forward and inspiring places. They encourage learners to connect with content that expands their worldview, interact with services that enrich their campus experience, and contribute to a worldwide network of scholarship.

Empowering scholars with the resources to succeed in today’s information-driven society requires providing access to high quality data and the expertise to curate and share their research output, redefining the role of libraries everywhere. Carnegie Mellon Libraries are leading the charge by advancing research, learning and knowledge sharing across the university.


At Carnegie Mellon, the University Libraries exist at the center of a global transformation as a collaboration, communication and engagement hub for our visionary faculty and students with well equipped spaces where students can conduct serious scholarship.

With your support, we can advance new pathways for knowledge creation and sharing, and enrich the student experience with places for student collaboration, technology exploration and creative inquiry.


A Message from the Dean

Keith Webster

In our role as essential academic partners to the campus community, the services, expertise, and collections of the University Libraries are redefining the function of the library in a world where digital is default.

By providing the fundamental tools that support the work of the institution, the Libraries make the learning and research goals of the university possible—enabling the experiences that catalyze collaboration, uncovering the materials that incite innovation, and building the spaces that sustain student success.

With your support, the Libraries will prepare students to survive in a world of too much information and equip them with the tools to challenge assumptions and think critically. You can help us create 21st century spaces for 21st century learners, hire and retain faculty who will help our students navigate the rapidly changing information landscape, expand and grow our collections, and contribute to a global network of information by championing new forms of scholarly communication.

With your commitment, CMU will build the library of the future, and its impact will be felt across the entire university, and beyond.

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What Will You and the University Libraries

Investing in Libraries facilities and resources

Investing in Libraries facilities and resources

By investing in innovative educational spaces and the digital resources of tomorrow, the University Libraries will advance new pathways of knowledge creation and sharing and enrich the student experience with spaces for collaboration, exploration and creative inquiry. Your support will nurture a lifelong love of learning in CMU students.

Help us make it possible
Supporting new approaches to teaching and research

Supporting new approaches to teaching and research

By actively leading a global revolution in knowledge sharing and learning, we will advance the ways in which faculty and students research, create, collaborate and communicate. Your support of this essential mission will impact scholars and learners throughout the university.

Help us make it possible

Help us make it all possible

Investing in libraries facilities and resources

  • Library Enhancements
    Create modern library facilities that reflect the needs of 21st century learners and enrich the CMU experience.
  • Collection Development Funds
    Expand access to the highest quality scholarly content by investing in emerging formats.
  • CMU Archives Fund
    Help document, preserve and provide access to records documenting life at Carnegie Mellon and the contributions of its students and faculty.

Supporting new approaches to teaching and research

  • Information Innovation Funds
    Make possible a global network of information with new forms of scholarly communication.
  • Faculty Development Funds and Chairs
    Hire and retain faculty and specialists with the expertise to help students to thrive in an information-driven society.

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