Student Research & Discovery

Carnegie Mellon University students are doing groundbreaking work in every discipline — in science, engineering, business, the humanities and the arts.

This research is critical for the innovative and creative process that leads to transformational discoveries to impact the way we live, heal, communicate and work.

You can support undergraduate student research through:

Small Undergraduate Research Grants (SURG) Fund: Provide resources for grants that cover students’ research costs for materials, supplies and travel.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) Fund: Create an opportunity for a student to master a body of knowledge and solve cutting-edge problems during summer research.

International SURF (ISURF) Fund: Energize global research initiatives by supporting a student during summer research abroad.

Endowed SURG/SURF Fund: Advance student research with an endowed named fund that will provide permanent research support for one or more undergraduate students.

Western Pennsylvania Research Fund: Ensure that students dedicated to the history, resources and environment of the Western Pennsylvania region have resources for pursuing their research with a gift.

Travel/Professional Development Fund: Give students opportunities to influence the world by presenting their research at academic conferences to professionals across the globe.

Speak Up! Communication Workshops Fund: Support a communication program for SURF students that strengthens their ability to present their research to a non-expert audience.

CMU believes that every undergraduate should have the opportunity to engage in research at least once during their four years at the university. Students can grow by exploring a long-held interest, trying out a new idea or connecting with a group of committed researchers.

The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) funds research for Carnegie Mellon’s students who are conducting independent research or who join a professor’s lab or ongoing project.

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You can advance the work being done by our students and create powerful learning opportunities when you support research initiatives.

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