Faculty Support & Development

Carnegie Mellon University faculty are visionaries in education, research and creativity, attracting the brightest minds to be leaders across all of its disciplines.

Our passionate and dedicated faculty pioneer breakthroughs in research, create and inspire great works, and enrich the learning of our students.

When you support CMU faculty, you help us recruit and retain the brightest minds across the university and make a critical investment in our future.

You can support the work of CMU faculty through:

Professorships: Empower faculty who have made distinguished contributions to their field of study, and advance their research and education goals with endowed funding that invests in a promising area and helps advance breakthroughs in their fields.

Center Directorships: Support intellectual leadership in promising research or focus area, creating new opportunities to accelerate discovery and create growth opportunities for CMU.

Career Development Professorships: Advance junior faculty and their research and teaching initiatives and provide them with the resources to create exceptional educational experiences.

Faculty Research: Support promising, creative ideas in education and research, and expand creativity and entrepreneurship with funding to accelerate critical areas of interdisciplinary research.

Your commitment to CMU’s faculty helps to shape future generations of thinkers, leaders and creators, and reinforces CMU’s reputation as a world-class university.

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