Health & Wellness

At CMU, we prioritize the physical and mental well-being of our students and offer endless options to unwind, connect or recharge after a day of classes, research or rehearsal.

Our students seem to fit more into 24 hours than most others can imagine. Though sometimes when you’re working hard to transform the world for tomorrow, your mind and body need a break today.

Whether it’s a spin class in one of the university’s Group X fitness classes, peaceful meditation in our mindfulness room, lifting on the Cohon University Center weight floor or casual conversation with a mentor, Tartans have the opportunity to thrive in a positive, healthy environment while gaining techniques and tips that foster a lifetime of learning.

You can support student health and wellness through:

Wellness Resources: Focus on students’ well-being through mental health support, meditation space and social enrichment.

Collaboration Spaces: Champion the work that can be accomplished with students working together with resources to create and transform spaces where students can gather and exchange ideas.

Mentorship: Facilitate student balance with mentors who will advocate for students at every stage of their CMU years.

Your support will help to address the CMU student holistically, creating an enriching CMU experience.

Students in Mindfulness Room with Therapy Dogs

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