Scholarship & Fellowship Support

Scholarships give gifted students the financial resources to fuel their education while ensuring CMU can attract top scholars in a competitive educational climate.

Your commitment generates meaningful opportunities for talented students from diverse backgrounds to attend CMU, enriching the university by attracting artists, makers and problem solvers and building a talented and inclusive community.

When you support scholarships and fellowships at Carnegie Mellon, you:

  • Meet urgent needs with financial aid that supports the education of generations of CMU scholars
  • Create a lasting impact with a scholarship that can grow over time, helping students today and in the future
  • Make a CMU education accessible for students from diverse backgrounds
  • Support students’ aspirations in a discipline of your choice

You increase accessibility to a CMU education through:

Endowed Scholarships: Make a permanent and lasting impact on the lives of CMU students with a commitment to education for full, half and partial scholarships.

Legacy Scholarships: Support a student’s CMU education and build a personal relationship with them through scholarships that bridge a financial gap for talented scholars during their CMU years.

Fellowships: Invigorate students as teachers, advisors and educational leaders through support in specific areas and disciplines, helping to build a student body that challenges and fuels creative endeavor.

You can transform the future for Carnegie Mellon students, giving them the chance to experience extraordinary classroom, lab and studio experiences at CMU in a community of scholars who will grow and learn together.

Give students the financial resources to fuel their education.

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