Technological advancements that benefit humanity.

As our daily lives become increasingly interwoven with and enhanced by technology, the world needs experts who can ensure that progress in the digital realm leads to prosperity across the world, benefiting people from all walks of life.

We’re not only up for the challenge, we’re ready to lead the charge.

Carnegie Mellon is changing the way we live, work and connect to one another for good. CMU’s environment of interdisciplinary collaboration and top faculty in AI, engineering, ethics, computer science, policy, design, automation and economics uniquely position us to be the leader in ensuring that technology enhances life for all.


Technology & Humanity


By advancing our work in strategic areas of expertise, CMU will deliver revolutionary innovation and ensure that both technology and society can transform for the greater good.

With your support, we will:

  • Create and inform technologies that will change societies, communities and individuals by accelerating CMU’s leadership in artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and other leading-edge fields of study.
  • Shape how humans will trust, limit and depend on future technologies by mobilizing our deeply interdisciplinary and collaborative culture and our world-leading faculty in computer science, engineering, ethics, policy, design, economics and business.
  • Ensure that technology advances the human condition and the health of our planet by expanding the study of how it impacts the environment, economic landscape, businesses, workers, income inequality and the way communities are governed.
Campaign Initiatives

You can accelerate our work at the nexus of technology and humanity to better society.

Help us make it possible

Fuel faculty with funding that empowers their research, creative and teaching goals, and assist CMU in recruiting the brightest minds.

Fellowships and Scholarships
Secure a CMU education for students regardless of their financial circumstances, and help build a talented student body.

Seed Funds and Faculty Research Fellowships
Support critical startup funding to accelerate promising areas of research.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Funds
Empower undergraduate and graduate students with the hands-on research experience that will prepare them to become leaders in their fields.

Conference Support and Research Prizes 
Catalyze faculty and student research by facilitating connections with peers and providing awards that lay the foundation for the next round of discoveries.

Curriculum Innovation Funds
Foster innovation by CMU faculty to envision, test and implement advances that transform education for a rapidly evolving future.

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