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Revolutionary Technologies that Transform Lives for the Better

An Equitable Technological Future that Benefits Everyone

A Healthy Planet Through Research, Innovation and Advocacy

Solutions to Complex Societal Problems through Technology and Data Science


Technology & Humanity

Accelerate advances in technology that enhance the human condition.

New Forms of Creative Expression Through the Meeting of Art, Science and Technology

An Environment and Resources that Inspire Creativity in Students Across Disciplines

A Deeper Understanding of What It Means to Be Human Through Artistic Expression

State-of-the-Art Spaces for Learning, Creating, Making and Performing


Arts & Creative Inquiry

Fuel artistic expression and creative inquiry to shape modern culture.

An Environment that Supports Innovators as They Turn Their Ideas into Reality

Interdisciplinary Brain Research that Enhances the Human Condition

Astonishing Achievements in Science Through the Application of Data and Automation

Radical Approaches to Science and Technology that Improve Life for All People


Foundational Science

Achieve breakthroughs in discovery by transforming how scientific inquiry is pursued.

A Faculty Composed of the World’s Most Talented Teachers, Creators and Researchers

Resources to Support the Development of Students’ Minds, Bodies and Futures

Access to a Life-Changing CMU Education for Students from All Backgrounds

A Positive, Supportive Campus Where All Students Can Thrive

Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Methods that Benefit Learners of All Ages


A Stronger CMU Experience

Cultivate a dynamic experience that enables our students to thrive throughout their lives.

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